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Tools used

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Full screen layout
  • Content Management System

The Project

The main priority for Croma pizza in the recent redesign project was to inject the same fresh and vibrant experience that visitors to the Prestwich, Chorlton, and City centre restaurant through the web site. The team felt that this could be achieved using a fullscreen background image for the whole site, randomly loading various images from the pizza restaurant.

A heavier emphasis has been made on the site for the individual specials that are available in the various locations.

A twitter/facebook presence has also been established and intergrated for the company to better communicate with its client base.

The content management system supports the site and allows administrators to easily update all elements of the site quickly and easily.

Latest news

  • Big Chip Awards 2015

  • Causing a racket

  • Body Reform redesign

  • New Chester Street Office

  • Capital gains

Croma Pizza

Published: 06 January 2011

Croma Pizza 1

Croma Pizza 2

Croma Pizza 3

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