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Wellington Rubber Company

A website gaining traction

Formed in 1936, Wellington Rubber Company are a long-established business who produce specific grades of Tyre Tread Buffings. Since 1999 WRC has been owned by parent company J Allcock and Sons, and as a result, have never had an online presence of their own.

The client approached Fat Heads to create an exciting website where they could finally introduce the company, display current products and most importantly show off their ISO 9001 accredited production process.

We decided that taking an illustrative approach to the site's overall aesthetic would help in simplifying the complex mechanical process behind Tyre Tread grading.

Wellington Process
Illustrative Style

One of the main features of the site is a dedicated page that showcases the Wellington production process.

In order to visualise this, we opted to use an illustrated isometric style throughout, we felt that not only would this give the site an interesting and distinctive aesthetic, but would help ensure all elements remained consistent and recognisable.  

These illustrations could then be used as visual assets throughout the rest of the site. 

WRC Iso Grid
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Alongside showcasing the unique production process it was important that the site promoted the various benefits of working with WRC.

Other areas of the site are dedicated to introducing the Wellington team and company history, displaying the product catalogue, answering some frequently asked questions and space for users to download relevant certificates and company policies.

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WRC About Page
WRC Product Page
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Site Features

In order for the user to get the most out of the site, we implemented a frequently asked questions section giving Wellington the chance to supply any necessary further information to their visitors, from the materials they use to how their size grading systems work. 

Useful links to other areas of the site are regularly dotted around each page, ensuring the user can quickly navigate and find the next section with ease. 

WRC Link block
Contact Forms

Contact Forms appear on all product pages allowing the visitor to easily get in touch or register interest in a particular product. 

WRC Contact
WRC Product Shots
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